Wednesday, March 28, 2012

      The book Soldier's Don't Cry is coming along very well. We have a new member to the writing crew a copy editor named Megan Wenger. From what I've seen, she has done a wonderful job of copy editing the work done so far. Cygnet learned in When God Turned his Head that a writer can't depend on his or her own abilities to copy edit his or her own book. That's why we have Megan on board now. Lessons learned. This means that the book in which I am a star is going to look so much better than that first book.

      We're looking to have this book out by the end of June. So far it looks like the schedule we should be able to get it out.

     The location of the opening scene in Soldiers Don't cry occurs in an area near and dear to Donna's heart. She grew up in that part of the country. Originally the Erie Indians lived in that area. They had been killed off long before the story started in 1763. Donna wrote an article about the Erie Indians in Hubpages. It is called: Whatever Happened to the Erie Indians? 

      As you will see, I will leave that area and move back to Boston. The reason I moved from there is well part of the story, a very important part of the story. You will find out at the beginning of the story exactly why this is so important.
       If you haven't read the book about my parents yet, I definitely recommend taking a look. If you're not sure whether you should commit to buying When God Turned His Head. Cygnet has available for anyone who would like to read it, the first chapter of When God Turned His Head available on her website.


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